Captain Anna Chen


Cold and reserved, Major Anna Chen is an enigmatic SAMAS pilot who’s strange mannerisms and reserved behavior confounds her peers. She is a diminutive twenty two year old woman with white-lavender hair and an expressionless face.


Major Anna “Prodigy” Chen is the adopted twenty two year old daughter of Captain Alexander White and the best SAMAS Power Armor pilot in the North American Alliance. When she isn’t piloting her famous SAMAS Platinum Eagle Anna Chen prefers her obsession with power armor and military theory to fraternization with her peers.

Though her initial interactions with the Devil Dogs were strained it came to light that her social difficulties were due to a mild disability. At Major White’s insistence Captain Doc and Mad Dog have begun trying to get Chen to open up a little and make more friends in the camp.

Captain Chen was critically injured by a demonic rune sword during the Battle of Atlanta. During the course of her triage The Jesus discovered that her soul itself had sustained an injury… leaving her long term recovery uncertain. After contemplating several lifesaving but invasive measures The Jesus struck a deal with the god Quetzalcoatl to remove the runesword’s taint from her soul, earning the Devil Dogs the gratitude of both Chen and her father.

Captain Anna Chen

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