Captain Elias Wood


“You got those demon cadavers I requested? Excellent! Put them in the freezer and find me some werewolves. No time for sleep when there’s SCIENCE to do!”

When the base’s chief medical officer failed to report for duty on Cataclysm Day, First Lieutenant Elias was field promoted to Captain and Chief Medical Officer of Ronald Reagan Base. Despite the enormity of such such a promotion Doctor Wood has risen to the challenge.

When he isn’t overseeing the base’s medical staff Doctor Wood enjoys himself a little too much dissecting and experimenting on the assorted alien cadavers and and prisoners being regularly delivered to him by the Devil Dogs and other forces of NEMA. While some have questioned his methods as being unethical Doctor Wood takes pride in discovering exploitable alien vulnerabilities to ‘out of the box’ attack vectors such as sunlight, silver, and holy water.

Captain Elias Wood

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