Captain Renzo Garcia


Renzo “Father Jarhead” Garcia is a gentle warrior with a powerful charisma and an unshakeable faith.


A veteran of several conflicts in South America, Renzo Garcia retired ten years ago to become a catholic priest and an advocate for the poor. Despite his commitment to nonviolence Renzo was compelled to help NEMA forces as they fought valiantly to save human lives on Cataclysm day. Impressed with the heroics of the Devil Dogs, Garcia accepted General Sawyer’s invitation to rejoin the force and reclaimed his rank of Captain.

In the time since Cataclysm day Captain Garcia has assumed the duties of a military chaplain, giving the forces of NEMA much needed religious guidance and clarity in a world gone mad.

Captain Garcia has taken a particular interest in the moral and spiritual guidance of The Jesus… and has made a point of reminding him that his psychic gifts are not his own but a miraculous gift from God to be shared with the world and used for good. To this end Renzo gifted The Jesus his very own pocket sized and highlighted family bible for inspiration and good luck.

Captain Renzo Garcia

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