Colonel Jared Nelson


Jared Nelson is the son of former president Lawrence Nelson, and second in command of NEMA Atlanta.


Colonel Jared Nelson first entered the national consciousness when his father Lawrence Nelson successfully ran for president of the United States in 2070. As the only child of the first family Nelson was both beloved by many and the target of several unprincipled partisan attacks based on his awkward adolescent appearance.

Jared Nelson graduated with honors from Virginia Military Institute and embarked upon an impressive but controversial career as an officer of NEMA culminating in his promotion to Colonel in 2096. While his political connections and his analytical method of leadership endeared him to the North American Alliance’s civilian leadership, accusations of nepotism and a reputation for prioritizing victories over lives has made Nelson unpopular among enlisted men.

During the Battle for Atlanta Colonel Nelson’s leadership was privately challenged by Captain Doque, who knocked him out and temporarily assumed command of NEMA forces after Nelson hesitated in the face of an alien attack on Ronald Reagan Base. While the incident resulted in no change of leadership Colonel Nelson’s ability to lead has now come into question.

Colonel Jared Nelson

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