Gunnery Sergeant Michael "Mayhem" Mulligan


Gunny Michael “Mayhem” Mulligan is a former M.O.M. Commando and a Chromium Guardsman pilot.


Mayhem Mulligan has been referred to by the Guiness Book of World Records as the craziest Glitter Boy pilot on Earth. He really doesn’t give a shit. If he feels like shooting, he shoots. If he feels like skydiving or trying strange exotic drugs he’ll do that too.

During the Battle of Atlanta Mayhem was nearly killed when the life support systems of his Chromium Guardsman armor were sabotaged. When Major Doc and Doctor Wood attempted to perform lifesaving surgery on him a few days later they discovered that his lungs had completely regenerated… he was just playing near dead for the laughs.

While NEMA was salvaging supplies at Hasslehaus Theme Park the Devil Dogs discovered that Mayhem suffered from multiple personality disorder due to his M.O.M. implants. His Cerberus personality was responsible for multiple murders, and was even responsible for sabotaging Mayhem’s glitterboy suit to give it the perfect cover for its killing spree. After much deliberation the Devil Dogs decided that Mayhem shouldn’t be punished for the murders because it wasn’t his fault the implants he volunteered for produced a sociopathic alternate personality. Through his powers of psychosurgery The Jesus locked the Cerberus personality in a mental prison… to only be let out once a month under safe conditions and close guard.

Gunnery Sergeant Michael "Mayhem" Mulligan

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