Major Alexander White


Major Alexander White heads NEMA’s experimental weapons division.

“I told you that I met you in a past life. Remember?”


At 109 years of age Major Alexander White is the nicest mad scientist you’ll ever meet. A born eccentric, Major White openly claims to anyone who will listen that he was Leonardo Davinci in a past life. He shares the renaissance painter’s brilliance for inventing all manner of elaborate devices… including his most famous invention the legendary USA-G10 Chromium Guardsman.

During a trip back in time to 1948 the Devil Dogs met the Major White of the time period under the worst circumstances imaginable. Under the corrupt influence of the demon god’s sacraments and the lies of the half demon Lytaros Major Doque was brainwashed into an attempted assassination of White to prevent Cataclysm Day from happening. White had, after all, invented the Chromium Guardsman power armor systems who’s misuse by an irresponsible south american regime would result in the loss of life triggering the rifts. The Devil Dogs were able to stop the assassination attempt, but not before the death of Major White’s wife and only daughter.

Major Doque would later learn that the death of Major White’s wife and only daughter resulted in White more fully dedicating himself to his life’s work… rejecting family life and peaceful artificial intelligence design for work on bleeding edge technological innovations and weapons of mass destruction.

When he’s not inventing weapons of mass destruction Major White likes to feed his extensive collection of pets, ranging from shelter rescues to the exotic.

Major Alexander White

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