Major Josephine "Jo" Doque

Cyber Doc and Genius with Machines


Major Doque is a tall, lithe woman who carries herself with an air of authority.


A doctor by training, “Doc” is obviously more at home with artificial intelligences than biological ones. Before Cataclysm Day, she was a world-renowned authority on cybernetics and borgs, although much of her work was classified due to its military nature. She was also a competent officer, leading a small special ops squad to develop and test her research. As a latent talent for psionically interacting with machines and artificial intelligences has developed after the Great Cataclysm, she has also shown her skill for leadership, and her spec ops squad, the Devil Dogs, is quickly becoming the home for NEMA’s “special” talents, and the military authority on paranormal / arcane / psionic activity.

Major Josephine "Jo" Doque

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