Marius "The Edge" Santos


Marius “The Edge” Santos is a former colombian paramilitary fighter who spent seven years in Kent Island Maximum Security Prison. As the leader of the prison’s notorious Chingasos gang Santos oversaw a sizeable criminal enterprise. On Rifts Day the prison’s guards abandoned the prison, leaving it in under inmate control.

When NEMA’s rescue mission arrived Santos was given a stark choice… agree to forcible conscription and being tracked by monitoring ankle devices, or be abandoned to the cataclysm. Santos chose life and has been a controversial presence in the Atlanta convoy ever since.

During NEMA’s stay in Hasslehaus it came to the attention of the Devil Dogs that the convicts were feuding with a group of survivalists who had also been conscripted. After talking to all parties involved and investigating the matter the Devil Dogs decided to separate the feuding factions. The convicts were assigned to vehicle maintenance and sanitation work on the Devil Dogs’ personal APC and vehicles.

It also came to light that the convicts were operating a black market for survival supplies, rations, cigarettes, and certain hard drugs. Major Doque recognized that black markets will always exist and made a deal with the convicts… so long as they ceased trafficing hard drugs and other dangerous substances she would turn a blind eye to their other black market activities.

Marius "The Edge" Santos

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