Matthew Cutter


Matthew Cutter is the de facto leader of the survivalists that NEMA saved and conscripted just north of Atlanta. Though he is a little too outspoken, and shares the survivalists’ cultural racism, he has proved himself to be a capable leader among NEMA’s newly conscripted men and is being considered for a field promotion to officer.

Matthew’s father Randy was the leader of the survivalists until his murder at the hands of Mayhem’s psychopathic personality Cerberus.

During NEMA’s stay in Hasslehaus it came to the attention of the Devil Dogs that the survivalists were feuding with a group of convicts who had also been conscripted. After talking to all parties involved and investigating the matter the Devil Dogs decided to separate the feuding factions. The survivalists were assigned to seek and rescue training and operations under the supervision of 2nd Lt Michael “Roscoe” Miller.

Matthew Cutter

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