Mister Davos Khan


Mister Khan is a tall and menacing intelligence officer. He appears and behaves much like a classic man in black out of UFO mythology.


Mister Khan is a mystery. Davos Khan is almost certainly not his real name. All that is known for certain is that he is an intelligence officer who answers directly to the president and possesses clearances so top secret he’s not at liberty to discuss them.

Repeated interactions with Mister Khan have revealed some clues about his nature to the Devil Dogs. He appears to have a strong interest in the supernatural and has requested the Devil Dogs’ help in acquiring old books on magic. He is also known by the Devil Dogs to be carrying an object of powerful alien magic under his trenchcoat.

During a trip back in time to 1948 the Devil Dogs actually met the Davos Khan of the time period. In 1948 he operated under the name Ethan Kyle.. a former Navy Seal turned FBI agent who’s investigation of the agency’s “Z-Files” led him to becoming involved with the occult investigators calling themselves the Invisible Order. During the Devil Dogs’ and Invisible Orders’ joint adventure to exorcise the demons out of a remote Tennessee mountain community Kyle consumed three sacraments of an ancient demon god, and was discovered to be at least contemplating a theft attempt on anything futuristic the Devil Dogs were carrying.

The truth of the president’s death has been withheld from Mister Kahn by NEMA’s military leadership.

Mister Davos Khan

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