2nd Lt Michael "Roscoe" Miller

Rescue Operative field promoted to Special Forces


Powers of note:

  • Roscoe Power Suit
    • lightly enhanced strength and speed
    • enhanced durability
    • life support
    • basic hud
    • protection from fire
    • laser cutting tool
  • Vibro-axe
  • Digital Thought Translation Device (DTTD)
    • control of up to 4 prototype rescue operation droids, refitted for the apocalypse

General Notes:

  • Grew up in Atlanta, only child of a wealthy family
  • Served as a Fire and Rescue Operative
  • Worked with prototype Fire and Rescue Robots
  • Heroism during Rifts Day got him drafted and field promoted
  • Moved to the developing para-arcane unit Devil Dogs when Maddog was lost

2nd Lt Michael "Roscoe" Miller

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