Captain Salvador "The Jesus" Caballero

Don't Fuck with The Jesus


Powers Used

  • Twin Psi-Swords (nearly invisible energy blades extending from his palms)
  • Strong Telekinetic powers
  • Bio-regeneration on self and others
  • Object Reading
  • Mind Bolts
  • Detection of supernatural and psychic energies
  • Grew up in Dove Creek, Texas (a suburb of Dallas Forth Worth)
  • Grandfather, Jose, claims to have “fought monsters for the government”
  • Joined NEMA to give focus to his life and to escape a troubled past
  • Due to his religion, earned the nickname “The Jesus Freak” (later shortened) during his time in Basic
  • Never comfortable with the name “The Jesus,” but has come to accept it
  • Graduated Officer Training School before joining an experimental “Dog Boy” squadron of NEMA
  • Started displaying psychic powers after the Cataclysm
  • Is afraid of his new abilities, also frightened by the fact that sometimes he loves them
  • Generally keeps on his helm and armor (NEMA Long Coat Armor)
  • Wields a pair of Wilk’s Remi-130 Six-Shooters
    Wilks remi

Captain Salvador "The Jesus" Caballero

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